What our customers say about us

"Owen's work and that of his assistants has always been first class. Good plantsman, honest, diligent and reliable and I would have no hesitation to recommend him to others." RB


"In an afternoon Owen transformed our rather neglected garden into a pleasure to look at. His knowledge and advice regarding future planting and development was invaluble. A highly recomended service." PB


"I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to have Owen working for me. For the first time I can simply enjoy the garden." CS


"Owen has really transformed the garden over the past few years and he and his people are a delight to have around." CM


"Knowledgable and clearly dedicated to their profession." RW

"Owen has changed a sad overgrown patch into a delightful garden. He is so full of practical ideas and sensible suggestions that we are now planning more improvements to the garden." SS

"I first met with Hannah about 10 years ago. She was delightful and sounded very professional. [..] Owen has worked systematically at gradually improving the appearance of my garden. I work long hours, so not always up to gardening and let's face it I am no gardener! So thank you Owen with persevering in making my garden looking as if it is 'cared for'." JCL


 "Owen, together with his team, has completely transformed my modest garden into a beautiful and interesting space over the last 4 years. He accomplishes in 2 hours what would take me five times as long! He knows my garden so well, I can happily leave him to just get on with it." CJ

"The Heritage Gardening team have re-designed, re-planted and maintained my garden for the last six years. They are knowledgeable dependable and very responsive to my needs as a client; I have already recommended them to a number of friends and neighbours." PT

"Owen's professionalism, work ethic and gardening expertise are exceptional. He is by far my first choice when engaging the services of a gardener, while his engaging smile and friendly personality make him a real pleasure to work with." SM

Hannah's Assistant Gardener - Mim
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